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  1. Hia, basically so that faction members couldn't hurt other faction members I changed friendly fire in war zone to false it worked but also changed war zone to the colour pink (The map of war zone is pink and the word when it comes up in chat/on ur screen turned from red)

    Any ideas on how I can change this back to red keep friendly fire to false?
  2. Hey,

    Which Faction plugin are you using? Factions (MassiveCore) or FactionsUUID?
  3. Massive core sorry thought I put it in first post
  4. On the Faction config you have a color section where you can change thing like this:

    // -------------------------------------------- //
    // COLORS
    // -------------------------------------------- //

    // Here you can alter the colors tied to certain faction relations and settings.
    // You probably don't want to edit these to much.
    // Doing so might confuse players that are used to Factions.


    // This one is for example applied to SafeZone since that faction has the pvp flag set to false.

    // This one is for example applied to WarZone since that faction has the friendly fire flag set to true.

    source: https://www.massivecraft.com/factions-configure
  5. Okay but that would be changing colorTruce could I do it for just WarZone not all truces
  6. If you want to change the color of only one Faction, the only solution I know is to:

    - Stop your server
    - Open the file where every faction are saved
    - Find the faction
    - Change the name of the faction with color code like : "§4§lWarZone"

    It's working with FactionUUID but I don't know if it is with MassiveCore Faction.
  7. how u get that symbol thing before the 4
  8. Search on your keyboard xD or simply copy and paste.
  9. do u think FactionsUUID would be better?
  10. Which u think is better
  11. In my personal opinion, I would recommend to use FactionsUUID instead of Factions MCore.
  12. On FactionsUUID wer do u enable the board thing