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  1. Hi everyone, ever since factions released for 1.9 I've been having trouble with friendly fire.

    It seems now the friendlyfire flag is done according to faction territory and not just in general. This raises a problem for me.

    Everyone on my server defaults into the Wilderness faction, however we want players to be able to pvp each other without needing a faction.
    Is there any way to get friendlyfire to behave like it was before the update? I want factions with friendly fire off to have friendlyfire off everywhere. I want factions with friendlyfire on to have friendlyfire on everywhere.

    I don't like how the update changed this as it makes it impossible for some factions to have friendlyfire off while others have friendlyfire on in general areas.
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  2. ok just go into the mstore then mflag then go into friendlyfire and disable it or enable it set to true or false
  3. Apparently you didn't read my post.

    The wilderness used to have PvP enabled by default (no flag needed to be set). The way this behaved meant that users in the wilderness (default faction) could attack each other, while players in different factions could not friendlyfire.

    Now in the latest version of factions you only have two options:

    #1: Have users in the wilderness faction not be able to friendlyfire, and have users in different factions not be able to friendlyfire.
    #2: Have users in any faction be able to friendlyfire regardless.

    Before it was possible to have:
    #3: Users in the wilderness could hit each other when the friendlyfire flag was set to "no". Users in the wilderness could hit each other, but members of other factions could not friendlyfire. This is not possible in the latest Factions version, but was possible in every version prior.
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  4. How did you solve this?
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  5. I really need a serverwide friendly fire