Factions - How to disable PVP between Neutrals

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  1. Hi there Spigot users !

    With some friends , we are currently starting to run our own server, and while configuring Factions, we wanted to disable PVP between neutral factions (in any territory, like between allies). We searched on the web, and we found in topics from 2013 that there was in the "instance.json" file a line with "disablePVPBetweenNeutralFactions", but we opened it and we can't find anything like this...

    Can we just add the line ?
    Is there another way to change this ?
  2. "disablePVPBetweenNeutralFactions" is located in the conf.json, not instance.json.

    This may depend on your faction version, just use "Control+F" to find "disablePVPBetweenNeutralFactions", this makes life a lot easier for finding these type of things.
  3. Thanks. I may look like an idiot, but I can't find any "conf.json" or "config.json" in the mstore file (actually, can't find anything mentionning it on the config page : http://www.massivecraft.com/factions-configure#factions-config) except the ine the MassiveCore plug in file, but no mention of Faction in it. Where can I find it ?
  4. By the way, we tried to use the "Peaceful" flag for factions, but it disables the use of "F ally", so I think we can only rely on disablePVPBetweenNeutralFactions, but don't know where it is (or the "conf.json" file)
  5. Hi,
    I also tried to find this "conf.json" and this line "disablePVPBetweenNeutralFactions", without success. Anybody has an idea where we could find this line ?

  6. Hi there,

    Still, can't find it. Looks like that it was with the other settings on previous versions of factions, but it isn't here...
    Any ideas ?