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  2. Assuming your are using Factions by Massive craft
    Code (Text):
    factions.perm: {description: change faction permissions, default: false}
      factions.perm.list: {description: list perms, default: false}
      factions.perm.set: {description: set perms, default: false} {description: show perms, default: false}
  3. This still won't work I do not know why but may I ask where you found those permission nodes?
  4. Are you using Factions by MassiveCraft? or what factions plugin are you using?
  5. Actually, it's factionsuuid because the link I posted was the permission nodes for factionsuuid and they work but I cannot find the one for /f perm
  6. is this what you are looking for?
  7. Yesss, thank you this worked but may I ask where you found that page I want to use it for later references before I change the thread to solved
  8. on the link you gave me for the plugin.yml
    At the top of the page click wiki,,, then you will see the link "commands and permissions"
  9. Thank you
  10. You are welcome. Glad I could help. I actually googled the FactionsUUID on spigot, went there and clicked wiki, but took me to the same GitHub ... but im glad you found what you were looking for!