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  1. Hello everyone, can smw tell me how to fix smt? when i add perworldplugins and set factions and massive core to onether world before the name it says [Factions_recolor_recolor] how can i fix it?
  2. Do you have Essentials Running On Your Server?
  3. yeap i do have 2.0v
  4. Is it enabled in the world that you set factions to
  5. yeah its enabled.......
  6. There are 2 prefixes chat config enabled! Remove the chat prefixes in perworldplugins config! Leave me a like if I resolved your problem! BYE :D
  7. There is none.
    Kid, stop post spamming. Reported.
    Factions doesn't support PWP. You should just switch to bungee to avoid all of the problems. You need to disable features in worlds in the instances.json in Factions.
    Go here:
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