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  1. Welp, my friend has a server where he wants to set the base power to 30 instead of 10. Just like on the archon where they set it to 40. If anyone knows how you do this could you please tell me?
  2. I know. But i want it to automatically give everybody on the server a powerboost. With /f powerboost you'd have to give every single person the powerboost manually
  3. In the config there are setting for changing the PPM (Power Per Minute) You could just double/triple this value.
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  4. Are you using FactionsUUID or MCore?
  5. I think its /f power or /f powerboost, something like that
  6. That would just change how much power they get per minute? Not their maxpower?


    That's exacty what i don't wanna do. If i did that i'd have to do /f powerboost manually on all players that have joined and join the server in the future
  7. I think its in the folder "mstore"
  8. Oh okay I see what you want now. To change the maximum amount of power a player can have use this:
    (By default this is line 101)
    Change this in the config and then that number will be the new max power.
    Sorry for the late reply, I was a bit busy :/
  9. I am pretty sure that it is solved and that he didnt want what you suggested:)