Factions Prefix not working

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  1. Hello everybody, I hope all is well. I am having trouble getting faction prefixes to work using EssentialsChat and Factions. Here is a picture of what I have set up for the "Owner" group in the EssentialsChat section, and the second picture is what it displays in game.



    Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong to make the faction name itself not show up? Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is my plugin list:


    Thank you! Have a nice day.
  2. i dont know if this will work or not but you have got the faction chat set as
    when it should be
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but it does not work. I displays {FACTION} as the prefix rather than the faction name
  4. Check and make sure your essentials config is set up right, assuming you have essentials. Also make sure you have essentials chat
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  5. Vxy


    didnt work