Factions problem

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by cheesedie, May 3, 2015.

  1. Hi, I have recently installed factions and I have a problem. Block damage is not allowed in claimed areas, so you can't grief claimed areas with TNT cannons. Also hostile mobs don't attack you in claimed areas. That is a big problem as I have a PVP and griefing server. Any help on how to enable these things is welcome!
  2. I do hope that your server is still in the Developing stage. You need to change some settings in order to make stuff work. Thos settings or rather configs can be found in a new folder that the plugin generated when you first started the server with the factions plugin.
  3. Do you mean the MassiveCore folder? I have already checked the config files in that folder and there wasn't anything in them that would enable block damage.
  4. Hello. I have had this problem too and I no how to fix it! Please PM your factions config and I can make the changes to your specifications.
  5. I don't have any faction configs, I only have MassiveCore configs !
  6. Oh can you give me one of those. I can fix it there too.
  7. This is my massivecore conf.json
    Code (Text):
      "serverid": "e8602df7-68d6-4949-a875-ef933aa2daa5",
      "dburi": "default",
      "alias2uri": {
        "default": "flatfile",
        "flatfile": "flatfile://mstore",
        "mongodb": "mongodb://localhost:27017/mstore"
  8. I got it fixed, I found the configs from server root!
  9. Which line did you edit to make mobs attack you in enemy territory?