Factions Vs OpFactions Poll

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OpFactions vs Regular Factions

  1. Factions

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  2. OpFactions

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  1. Hello guys. Please note; this is not a thread asking what server I should start. This thread is a vote on if you guys like factions or opfactions better, reason being, I just thought of my opinion on it. Please vote based on,
    What you like to play/What you like to host. If you dont like to play/host either gamemodes, ignore this thread and keep the hate to yourself. Thanks! Also if you'd like, comment why you like which one :)
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  2. Factions = Not that much ram or custom stuff
    OPFactions = Need custom stuff and good cpu and ram
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  3. x_L


    Both server functions nearly the same way. I've owned a fac server and op-fac.
    @OP, Go with what your heart desires, and what you like.
    Personally I'd do OP-Factions, if it was a year ago but now neither.
  4. Yeah thats true. I've owned both. By the way, i stated in the thread that I wasnt asking which i should host. I enjoy the regular factions gametype, so thats what im currently hosting :)
  5. x_L


    Then stick with Factions. :3
  6. Once again, this poll isnt about which type I should host :p. This poll is just asking the community what they like
  7. I prefer working with regular faction servers, I've never understood the appeal to OP factions.
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