Factions Wilderness tag in chat with essentials? Its a pain!

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  1. How can I put the factions tag wilderness next to the player's name? Like for example &8[&rWilderness&8]&r in front but leaves and is replaced with the faction they join or create. I'm using essentials chat and massive craft factions.

    The reason I'm doing this is that factionsuuid doesn't allow the option to put wilderness in chat. Servers have the prefix like this:

    Without faction: "&8[Member] Octobertroy
    With: &8[factionname] [Member] Octobertroy but when I do this I always end up with a space in chat in front of chat when they don't have a faction.
  2. Still need help

    ___________________________________ is it 100 characters now? Jesus
  3. If you're staying with essentials chat, you'll have to put up with the extra space in chat. Upgrading to chatcontrol or deluxechat will let you fix this. I've used them both with more factions just fine.
  4. Which one is a better choice.
  5. I use vaultchatformatter, yeah that plugin that nobody knows. It works good btw..

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  6. Oh thank you for the lesson I enjoy the acting like I'm offended in my comments. I'm just hoping I can finally find the true answer to my question. My friend got factionsuuid I'll tell him to get deluxechat see if I can fix It then
  7. If you havent solved the issue already, I would suggest using deluxe chat. From what I can get in your thread, I think you are looking for something like this.

    Code (YAML):
    : 100
    : ''
    : '&8[%factions_role%%rel_factions_relation_color%%mvdw_factionsuuid_faction_name%&8]
          %deluxetags_tag%&r &8[ %vault_rankprefix% &8] '
    : ''
    : '%player_name%'
    : '&8 ยป '
    : '&f'
       - ''
        - '&6&lName
    : %player_displayname%'
        - '&c&lFaction
    : %rel_factions_relation_color%%mvdw_factionsuuid_faction_name%'
        - '&a&lBalance
    : &f&o%vault_eco_balance_formatted%'
       - '&7&oClick here to send a PM'
       - ''
    : ''
    : '/f show %player% '
    : '/msg %player% '
    : ''
  8. So I ended up having a custom placeholder made that does what I need. The issue is deluxechat doesn't have 1.8 support I tested with the plugins (you can check if I bought it). Only the 1.9+ versions seem to have it. Still, need a solution.