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  1. Si buenas vengo a preguntar como le intengro el FactionsChat (/f c f) A un servidor actualmente, se que antes se podia en la 1.7 pero no se si se puede actualmente alguien me ayuda?
  2. This is a english forum what are you trying to say
  3. If I come to ask good as I joined the Factions Chat (/ f c f) A current server, previously could in 1.7 but not if someone can help me now?
  4. What factions plugin are you using ?
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    The current Factions by MassiveCore does not support chat channels anymore. However, I would suggest taking a look into FactionsOne or FactionsUUID.
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  6. I don't know about 1.9 and 1.10 but in 1.8 there is a factions chat plugin. Called Factions Chat
  7. no no ya gracias que encontre lo necesario xd, el unico plugin actualmente compatible es el FactionsChat Spigot que actualmente si funciona como debe y no da problemas, reconoce todas las versiones, Igual muchas gracias por su atencion
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  8. Can everyone just stop and give this man a like for his efforts on google translate?
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    No hablo espanol.