factionsuuid vs factions (original)

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  1. What is better? Factionsuuid or factions?

    Im asking because factionsuuid has not had a big update in over a year.
  2. You mean MassiveCraft's Factions as the other version besides FactionsUUID?
  3. I use factionsuuid because players prefer it
  4. I personally prefer Massivecraft Factions. They are basically the same besides a few features but FactionsUUID is $15.
  5. Yes they are but some players just don't like how the commands have changed
  6. Splazeing


    I use FactionsUUID.
    The OG features from the old "massivecraft" factions, not too much bullshit, players prefer it, the commands and everyone knows factionsuuid's commnands since maybe every big server uses that.
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  7. `FactionsUUID not even a doubt in my opinion :)
  8. It's open sourced and in the resource overview of it you can see a link to the dev builds, people buy it because they want "thank" the developer due to his awesome work (or because they didn't read the whole overview too).
  9. The open source on github is the really old version.
  10. I would really like to see a solid point made. You can get both of them for free if you read into the plugin page, which most people forget to do. Yet, the only good think in UUID I see is the language config, but not source code editing like in Massivecraft...