Spigot FactionsX 1.2-STABLE

A High Octane Factions Experience

  1. Console message

    WARN You are running an unsupported fork of Factions that has listed itself as Factions. Sentinel will not load the integration for it. Please inform the developer of your Factions fork to set the plugin name and classpath to their own plugin, to avoid issues with plugins built for the official version of Factions.
  2. Yeah so this is FactionsUUIDProxy causing this you can try removing it.
  3. Is there an API available or a GitHub for this plugin?
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  4. Is there a way to disable mob spawning in a factions land?
  5. and how does one do that? very new to factions and stuff..
  6. can you add chat channel placeholder?
    i want put placeholder in featherboard to check my channel easily before chat.
  7. ProSavage updated FactionsX with a new update entry:

    AutoDocs + A million other things

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Are there plans to update this for 1.17 when it comes out in a couple days?
  9. Hi, despite having protection-config.json configured to allow players to interact with, chests, buttons and pressure plates in other faction's land, they cannot. I'm running the latest version of factionsx for 1.16.5 and my configs are below.

    Who can help me with this problem?

    protection-config.json https://pastebin.com/WmVydgF0
    general-config.json https://pastebin.com/7EpEGVdY
  10. Do you have plans to update FactionsX for 1.17?
  11. The discord link has expired
  12. yes it is sad. Is Savagelabs done now?
  13. Yup savagelabs has been abandoned
  14. Discord server was deleted, savagelabs.net does not work. I do not have access to my purchases. I would like to see the developer's comment on this issue.
  15. They've abandoned. No reply on discord either
  16. well, all that i can say, all good things come to an end.
    They were great with all the support and dev, thanks for all!

    Also, can you share the FTOP for 1.17.1?
  17. I'm currently using factionsx and it isn't working. I'm on 1.17 and there are error trying to invite to factions and there is no grief protection.
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  19. Im using 1.16 FactionsX.
    How can I find some placeholders for FactionsX?
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