FactionWar Plugin Request {FREE}

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  1. So I am looking for someone to make a plugin for my server in development.The plugin will be aiming to allow factions to wage war on each other, a faction can request war with another faction that can accept or deny.They can then chose participants and area location.They don't have to bring stuff, but everyone participating will get certain items when the war starts.The wars should be timed and last a maximum of 60 minutes.The overall objective is to kill all opponents.

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  2. No one will make this for you for free.
    Also there is a premium plugin that does this but I cannot put my finger on this.
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  3. I strongly recommend purchasing @PhilipsNostrum 's Faction wars plugin, which can be found here. He is extremely active on Spigot and activity listens to requests.
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  4. You want a huge, complex custom plugin, for free? o_O

    Getting someone (who can actually program, not some kiddie) to make this would probably cost 20-30 times what it would cost to just buy an existing factions plugin.
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