Spigot FactionWar 2.0

Let players know who your faction is at war against!

  1. Furied submitted a new resource:

    FactionWar - Let players know who your faction is at war against!

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  2. Once factions has the api to tell which player is in a certain faction the war will be ended on ten kills of a enemy faction Member but till then enjoy!
  3. Goal 15 downloads end of week!
  4. I guarantee you'll get more than that today...
  5. Really? And make sure to check out Minelink.Us just launched my new server list layout Is a wip and I doubt I will have more then 15 downloads today
  6. Nice plugin but can you add a config.yml plz ?
  7. Possibly what features would you like the config to have
  8. The messages ?
  9. There's one message...
  10. Looks nice and simple!
  11. It is!
  12. Is there a way to show in the faction f f who the faction has declared war with? Cause this just basically says in chat who you are declaring war with, but if other members are offline and dont see who they are in war with, they wont know.
  13. Does it makes the land raideble?