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    I've been getting this error whenever I try to start-up my Multicraft daemon, which then tries to start my server. It is followed by a java reference and a message saying "perhaps there is already a server running on this port?"

    I do not have an IP in server.properties. I could really use some help on how to fix this issue.

    SOLUTION: <<<<<
    If you have this error, type "top" in your Linux console.
    Check if you have any java processes, if you do, use a command to kill these java processes, and restart multicraft.
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  2. How are you running your server? Off of a dedicated server? Also, can you put your server.properties file in a pastebin (google if you dont know how)? Thanks :)
  3. Can you list the following:

    (a) Your plugins.
    (b) Your server.properties file.
    (c) Your Host.
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  4. Try contacting your host. I've had an issue like this before. What I did to fix it was:

    Contacted Host
    They gave me a new IP, and told me to change my server version.

    Not sure if it'll work for you, but contacting your host is normally the best thing to do.
  5. What is the port? You should specify an IP for it in the config files.
    Do this command to find the PID of anything running on the port you specified
    Code (Text):
    sudo netstat -nlp | grep PORT
    Check your multicraft log in the /path/to/multicraft/multicraft.log
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    I colocate with my own machine, I run a BungeeCoord network, I have WorldEdit, PermissionsEx, Vault, ProtocolLib, Mineversechat. I do not have any IP in my server.properties file, I'll reply to this with my BungeeCoord server.properties file as soon as I get to my desktop
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    Here is my server.properties file
  8. If your BungeeCord "host" is on the port 25565, it's wrong.
  9. When you has forced stop your server and the port is saturated, use this command in linux:
    fuser -k yourport/tcp
  10. Make sure that all of the ports are different and the host in the BungeeCord config.yml is the one which you are connecting to.
    Remember that the "Hub" server and the Bungee Server are not the same so many sure the ports are different.
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    They are different, could it be that Multicraft and bungeecoord are on the same port?
  12. Highly unlikely, however, I would recommend changing it just in case.
  13. Actually, can you please post your BungeeCord config.yml file for me to take a look at?
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    I'd like to, however Multicraft (in it's infinite wisdom) doesn't allow me to look at the FTP in this errored state. Here is a full log of what's happening on my console whenever I try the command: /home/minecraft/multicraft/bin/multicraft -nv start
    1. 07.28 18:58:09 INFO server 2: [Server] WARN Perhaps a server is already running on that port?

      Definitely a problem with one of your Servers' server.properties file(s)
  15. That line which I just posted proves that there's a Server which is already on that port
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    If you have this error, type "top" in your Linux console.
    Check if you have any java processes, if you do, use a command to kill these processes, and restart multicraft.
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