Failure in protection?

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  1. Hello, thanks for coming to the post and thank you very much read!


    Bungeecord and Spigot 1.8.8


    Authme (Lobby)

    I thought about putting a system of Premium accounts (/premium), but, I do not want to leave this without fixing, since, they could enter with accounts of users

    I can not use FireWalls since my provider does not give me that kind of options, image as if it were just a localhost console, it is a bad thing, but it is what is allowed.

    Lately I have been a victim of griffin, enter with my account and then give permission, 1st, I thought it was for the UUID and added UUIDSpoof-Fix, then (they grunted again) I thought it could be something related to the lobby portals, that I put AuthmeBungee, but, 30m ago they came back and grifed, I ran out of ideas and I do not know if there are other methods to enter and I'm coming to despair, I resort to the forum because really, I ran out of ideas to protect, if they know some extra protection would be very helpful, greetings and thanks for reading
  2. 1.8.8. What do you expect? A firewall helps. Updating to the latest version, too.
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  3. Thanks for your answer, I'll try it!
  4. I would buy the game and set the server to online mode.
  5. bungeecord requires certain servers to be offline

    Edit: OP, you have something setup wrong if they are able to do this
  6. Oh, I assumed he had his bungeecord on offline mode because he was using AuthmeBungee and he also mentioned something about setting up Premium accounts.
  7. I mean, he might in that case then.

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