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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Lubenica, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. You would have to buy the plugin first, and not use the leaked version in order to get help from me.
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  2. Lubenica updated FairPlayMinecraft (Client-side anticheat) with a new update entry:


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  3. What more info would I have? The mac users are not logged in the FPMC logs and nothing shows in console. This is all they get. Done! Still frozen, no data or info given.

  4. Are you running the latest 6.0.0 plugin version? (not the BETA)
  5. Yes we are running the latest version. Also my players need to download the beta fairplay exe that you have because the one on your website does not work.
  6. Please send me a PM.
  7. @Lubenica
    Could you please add a feature that will only require specific players to run the program each login? So those suspected or caught hacking will have to use it each time they want to connect.

    Also I asked this before but I forgot what the reply was. Is there any way to stop people from using x-ray resource packs while still allowing them to use their own resource pack? Like a way to block ones with all transparent blocks or something.

    Thank you!
  8. To do that, give all players (the default group) permission "fpmc.bypass.join" and then just remove it from players who you want to be tested on every join.

    Unfortunately currently there isn't.

    Yes, you are safe to update to the 6.0.0 :) Your config should be fine if you don't use custom filters. The app will update itself, the link is the same.
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  9. That's exactly how I did it! By default, every new player is deemed innocent until suspected guilty of h4x0rz :)
  10. Everything went down : ( Doesn't work from the last update :<
  11. Will i get a reply to my PM?
  12. I replied to your PM.

    You got the reply in under 24 hours, no need to bump.
  13. We receive an internal error whenever we do /fpmc check <player> but the check still goes through.
  14. It updated with no issues, thanks!
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  15. Really strange but when join with forge I receive that "Forge is not supported on this server" however i can still play like normal xD. Is this an normal thing or a bug?
  16. For some of my players it says that you need to first join the server to run the application however they are on the server? Do you know what might be the issue?
  17. Can you send me the error?

    Please send me a PM.

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