Spigot FairTrade [1.12 - 1.16.1] 3.2

A secure & customizable way to trade items, support Vault, xp Trading, totally customizable layout

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    FairTrade - A secure & customizable way to trade items

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  2. Great resource, can you please make it so we can change the prefix too?
  3. It would be a nice and standard feature, so why not, I will add it in future version :)
  4. and also, can you PLEASE make it so we can't trade with ourselves?
    When you do /trade <your name> it will work and you can trade with urself, and it will save an ID of it. Players can just spam it.
    Another reason for you to fix it, if you trade with urself and accept it, the inv will stay opened and you will be able to place stuff in it and lose them.
  5. It was for debugging and i forgot it but all the stuff needed is there. I will add a "debug" or "self" option. It can be effectively a source of item loss.
  6. it is possible to add the possibility of translating the tag [Trade]?
  7. Yes, but currently in holiday so no much time for now. Ill see it in few days.
  8. For Vault, I will see because vault is still in 1.12
    I would wait for 1.13, or maybe release the pugin back into 1.12
  9. If I understand well, the traded items stay in trade inventory and don't move into player inventory ?
    And during the trade you can place items in other offer ?

    I will test it. Did you do something special to make this bug happen ?

    Thank you for this reply and the bug report :) !
  10. Emm
    I traded items successfully without any problems. I didnt try to put items to other player offer while trading.
    But once accepted i had that empty chest interface. I was able to put items everywhere. I know i had to just close it but what if player loses items because of this.
    I couldnt take item back and once closed that interface item was gone.

    This is really good plugin.
    Hope this wasnt SavageDeathCompass plugin fault. Ill test it again tomorrow
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  11. I understand...
    I will test it if there is still bugs after writing the new version.
    But yeah it can improbably be others plugins or a bug of Spigot, but i think not, I'll try to fix it.

    I willl add - at least - more security about it.
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  12. Yeah all GUI-based menu may have bug like this.
    Maybe I have an idea, but I think it's a Spigot bug.
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  13. Rafoudiablol updated FairTrade [1.12 - 1.13.1] with a new update entry:

    2.0 (for Minecraft version 1.13)

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    A big part of the code was rewritten. I also rewrote the system for closing GUIs.
    It must fix the bug.
    The /tradelog gui do not display money for now, I will add that soon.
    Self-trade is also deprecated and may not event work with new code (who trade with himself?...), but I still let it for minor debug
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  14. Permissions for the plugin?
  15. Hey, did you fix it for 1.13.1?
  16. There is no permission except trade.log (default op). All players can trade.
    The only permission is for consulting past trades, the other to set max. trade distance trade.max is not yet implemented.

    Yeah I may add a permission system in future. Bukkit is very permissions-oriented.
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