Spigot FairTrade [1.12 - 1.16.1] 3.2

A secure & customizable way to trade items, support Vault, xp Trading, totally customizable layout

  1. Thank you~
  2. Added screen for ignore module


    This is not the current GUI looks, but what is will look in a future update.
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  3. How do you change the Language?
  4. Hey, it's pretty simple. Go to the file (in the folder of FairTrade plugin's data) lang/lang_en.yml, here are all the messages and you can modify it.
    If you want a proper translation, you can create your own, ie. lang/lang_ru.yml, and to load it, change in your plugin.yml the option 'config' to 'ru'. The loaded lang file will always be lang/lang_**.yml
    It can contains more than two letters, but it's usual as they are locales ;)
  5. Error when accepting the trade.

    I have EssentialChat

  6. The people you traded with has probably special characters in his name, isn't it? I can fix this, but you probably can't teleport to this player or do anything related to his name. Can you test it to know if it's a vanilla problem?

    Thanks you for reporting anyway :)