Solved Fake player getting rendered.

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  1. Hi. I've always had this problem and i never thought to fix it, but now that a reasonable amount of player is entering on the server this problem is getting annoying. Basically when someone joins the server (not always) the server leaves a 'fake' copy of him that stands still on the spawn, which CAN'T INTERACT AND CAN'T BE DELETED. The only strange way to delete it is to go to the actual player and then go back and it will disappear.
    This is a photo so you'll see what I'm talking about:

    And here's plugin list (i think the problem is caused by SkinRestorer).
    Code (Text):
    Plugins (58): BlockParticles, ColoredSigns, SkinsRestorer, OldCombatMechanics, Images, AutoRestart, chunkgui, NoteBlockAPI, RandomTeleport, ViaVersion, StaffPlus, ViaBackwards, JukeBox, LuckPerms, Timber, AutoBroadcast, ClearLag, AdvancedBan, ProtocolLib, DeathMessagesPrime, NoCheatPlus, FastAsyncWorldEdit, ExploitPatcher, WorldEditCrashFix, InteractiveBooks, AntiBotAttack, Vault, statuecreator, Parties, TreysCommandBlocker, Trading, KillerMoney, HolographicDisplays, ChatItem, CustomPayloadFixer, WorldEdit, Essentials, GiveInfoBook, BuycraftX, AdvancedAchievements, Plan, EssentialsChat, CrazyAuctions, TAB, SuperVanish, AntiSwear, WorldGuard, LockettePro, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsGeoIP, AntiVPN, PvPManager, EssentialsSpawn, ExtraContexts, SilkSpawners, KeepChunks, AuthMe, ShopGUIPlus
  2. It is a visual bug, happens to me on almost every server, just do F3 + A and it should be fixed.

    If it happens very frecuently, send me logs and i'll try to help you, it may be SkinRestorer when using along with viaversion :)
  3. This happened to me some time ago with ViaVersion
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  4. Yeah, i already knew about the Chunk reloader Tooltip. It doesen't work. If you can tell me how to fix it i'll leave a star
  5. send me logs and i may can help you
  6. doesn't seem like a skinrestorer problem, it may be 2 things:
    1) You're using Craftbukkit, spigot is better, because there's a lot of plugins that doesn't work on craftbukkit, only on spigot or paper.
    2) Viaversion problem, should be fixed using spigot or paper.

    CraftBukkit is not recommended, i tell you from my own experience
  7. I'm using the same version of skinrestorer, viaversion and a lot of plugins like those and i don't get this since i'm using paper on my servers.
    Try using Spigot or Paper, i'm almost sure that it will help.

    Also, all bukkit plugins are compatible with spigot or paper, if they aren't, they're bad coded and should be recoded.
    Hope it helps!
  8. Ehm.... I'm pretty sure I'm on spigot... I've never downloaded or installed CraftBukkit i think
  9. Oh, i saw only the CraftBukkit thing and thought you were using bukkit.
    Okay so i think that's just a render problem with viaversion, did you check that player is on another version?
    Code (Text):
    /viaversion list
    Also, you can fix some render problems using Paper, it's faster than spigot and may fix that problem, i'm not sure, but it doesn't happens to me since i changed from Bukkit to PaperSpigot.

    You can try, you don't lose anything, maybe it fixes. :)
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  10. Thank you. I'll may try that, and I will also contact ViaVersion discord.
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