Fake Player Plugin.

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  1. Hello everyone. Im looking for a plugin with fake players. Ive seen the past fourms, but they didnt have what i wanted. If there is a forum of what i would like existing already, you can leave it for me in the comments. (Name it whatever you want if your posting it public)

    I would like something like this.

    1: x help <category(if you would like)> <page> (lists commands down below)
    2: x add/delete <name> (makes a bot join/leave)
    3: x say <name> <message> (manually makes the bot speak)
    4: x list <fake/real> (lists fake/real players)
    5: x command <name> <command> (makes the bot do a command)
    6: x rc <on/off> (toggles npc random chat)



    Plugin Features:
    1: Custom Tab
    2: Toggling all bots automatic chat
    3: Free Roaming NPC's (trait for citizens2)
    4: Changing Player Slots (Optional)
    5: Automatic respawn OR bot quits if they die
    6: Groupmanager (and/or) Citizens2 Compatible (Optional)
    7: Bot ID's

    If you are kind enough to do it, it would be very appreciated!
    If you have a file leave it in the reply section.
    Thank You & Have a good day.

    If this thread is in the wrong page, it is my bad. (I could'nt find a plugin idea page)
  2. Are you willing to pay?
    No one will do this for free. :/
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  3. Ahhh. xD
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  4. No problem, if you would rate the post so other people see this is the solution it would be nice
  5. If you want NPC's just use citizens
  6. My account was hacked! This was not me - sorry guys!
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