Solved Fake players can join my server!

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  1. Hello,

    Please help there are players with fake names joining my server on bungee I have patched it before but there keep joining. I hope you understand what I mean

    Please help!

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    Are you running your bungee in offline mode?
  3. I believe not Just in case do you want to tell me where it is in case it's a hidden feature I believe it's not on offline
  4. I am not running bungeechord, but don't the instructions say to run it in offline mode, and then run the individual servers in online mode, or something? There are quite a few plugins out there that force auths and premium checks on bungee joins to prevent cracked and fake ones to join. They don't work on 1.11.2?
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    Bungee should be in online mode to authenticate with mojang. Servers can be run in offline mode with ip forwarding.
    Other way around, but if the configs are not done correctly people will bypass bungee.
  6. BungeeCord goes into online mode, all slave Spigot servers go into offline.
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  7. I see. Maybe one day when we move away from our current setup that I will get a tiny vps with an IP range to round robin through for the hub, and then run the servers on the other servers, and pray I set it up correctly. lol.

    Right now, I just run Spigot pretty plain, in online mode of course.

    Yeah, I guess I remembered it the wrong way around.
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  8. Just so you know this is part of my bungee config

    online_mode: true
    log_commands: false
    always_handle_packets: false
    connection_throttle: 4000

    and my other server that connected to it is running offline. and Does my hub need to be on offline as atm I have it online?
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    Can players connect directly to the server without going through bungee?
  10. No, it says 'If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well!'
  11. You need to use a plugin like ipwhitelist to prevent direct conexions to the servers.

    If you enable ip forwarding in spigot.yml you only require using a bungeecoord in order to conect to the server (so if they make a bungeecord on their pc they'll be able to connect)

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  12. Hey.
    This is annoying.
    This is your solution.
    The ip and port from your bungeecord server is the one they use to join.
    In bungeecord you enable onlinemode.
    In all the other servers you disable onlinemode.
    Then if its a spigot server you set in spigot.yml or bukkit.yml idk wish one bungeecord to true.
    Next you install OnlyProxyJoin plugin on all of your servers. Not o' the bungeecord one.
    In the config on the plugin you put the ip and port of your bungeecord server. Thats it!
    Also best you enable ip forwarding. This will forward the correct uuid instead of a offline one.
  13. Just done that. I join with the bungee ip and I get THIS.

    Cleary doesn't work... I've tried that before as I was looking around.
  14. It Does the same thing as OnlyProxyJoin.

    Side note I tried joining the server with a Fake account but It don't work, But I know that it was a fake account that manages to join the server as the Owners name, which is 'Vexaah' and this Player originally joined with 'WiD_Free' and LiteBans or anything like essentials wasn't saying he exits, Then about 5 minutes after that the name rejoined but this time he had a different skin and his name was logged with /dupeip. So, I assume that was a fake account to start with but I noticed with my logs that theses other names joined so I checked them on namemc and there like 2 months old unlike WiD_Free

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  15. That is the way ive always done it. You must be doing something wrong..
  16. I have followed what people have said I even done what It said on the resource, But might be because I have 3 servers with the same ip as my bungee, But different ports '25565', '25578', '25567'. There was another bungee cord server that I was hosting from but it would go down every 4-5 days telling me I needed to upgrade and the one I'm with has no down time that I have seen yet.
  17. I also have the same ip. This does not matter in any way.
    I am now on pc instead of phone.
    I will post come configs here. This might help.

    In bungeecord get this the same.
    Code (Text):
    ip_forward: true
    online_mode: true
    bind_local_address: true
        motd: ''
        address: localhost:25990
        restricted: false
        motd: ''
        address: localhost:25991
        restricted: false
        motd: ''
        address: localhost:25701
        restricted: false
    Spigot.yml on every server except bungee

    Code (Text):

      save-user-cache-on-stop-only: false
      bungeecord: true on every server except bungee

    Code (Text):

    This is my onlyproxyjoin config.yml in all my servers, except bungee.

    Code (Text):
    - 25565
    only-port: true
    bypass-permission: false
    kick-msg: '&cYou must connect with &aYour server srv or ip here ofc'
    For some reason i don't get this kick message. Idk or it is working. But i am not able to join it directly to yeh.
  18. Sorry for the late respond I have all my normal settings just like yours but the only server theses fake accounts can join is the hub, but one thing I noticed they join with '192.168.0.*' How is that possible that's an IPV4for your home PC!?

    How are they joining with that?
  19. They have to use an ip ending with :25565 IF your bungeecord server is on that port!
    If it is another port then they have to join thru the other port. You myst also install onlyproxyjoin on the hub/lobby server. It has to be on EVERY server except bungee. And make sure bungeecord is set to true in all servers under spigot.yml