Spigot FakePlayer 1.6.1

Create fake players with npc

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    FakePlayer - Create fake players with npc

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  2. so coooooooooool!!!!!!!
    could I share this plugin on mcbbs.net?
    Let Chinese people know this plugin!
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  3. sure, you can do with it what you want
    #4 yamalidon, Dec 10, 2019
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  4. Can you make it that the skins of players are shown in tab?
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  5. Sure, I will try to add this feature, but I don't have enough time to interest the plugin, but I will.
  6. Hi ! Is the player like a real player ?
    Can we attribute him a world and locations ?
    Can we do him to execute commands via console ?
    Thank you :)
  7. They like real player, and they stay a certain location of the world, but you can't interact with the fake play via commands or something like that for now.
  8. OK. So that is not what i look for :)
    I would like to have a phantom player to run commands like players without the return of texts in chat ^^
  9. Nice plugin and easy to use! Will be fine if you can change the npc skin!
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  10. Yes, it should be good, i will add it as soon as possible.
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  11. Cannot correspond to the format of other tab plugins
  12. Can you support BungeeCord?
  13. Can you make tab-name support some random numbers, or characters?
    Such as ping and server name
    tab-name: §f%b | %player_name% | %a
    %a: 1-100
    %b: server1,server2,server3