Bungee - Proxy FakePlayers [BungeeCord] 1.2

Create fake online-, maxplayers in your server list.

  1. Arjenpro submitted a new resource:

    FakePlayers [BungeeCord] - Create fake online-, maxplayers in your server list.

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  2. compatibility with essential so player can send /tpa to player add players to tab
    bungeeplayercounter plugin compatibility
    add players to /glist
  3. I personally hate these plugins..
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  4. Make this for normal server
  5. Now fixed. I uploaded the wrong file.. xD.
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  6. This kinf of plugin should get removed.
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  7. Can you add an option to set the minimum, if we just set the amount then the number never changes.

    I'd like to be able to set the minimum, then as players come and go that number will change and feel more realistic.
  8. Not working, Bungee #1075
  9. I will post an update for supporting Java 8.
  10. I'd guess it's live edited..
  11. is it working for spigot, too?