Spigot FakePumpkinHelmet 0.1

Have a fake pumpkin helmet for others to see!

  1. teozfrank submitted a new resource:

    FakePumpkinHelmet - Have a fake pumpkin helmet for others to see!

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  2. So instead of actually wearing a pumpkin helmet this shows everyone with one when they aren't actually one?
  3. It shows other players that you are wearing a 'helmet' while you do not see it.
  4. It shows other players that you have a pumpkin helmet on when you only have a normal helmet on. This applies to wearing any helmet at all.

    The player that has the "pumpkin helmet" on must have the required permission so that others can see it.
  5. You do see your own helmet, it does not hide that. It just shows your helmet as a pumpkin to other players. You need to have a helmet on for it to activate it (along with the permission node).
  6. I was meaning YOU do not see pumpkin.
  7. Usefull plugin *.* Thx !
  8. Oh ok :)

    No problem :)
  9. Please someone update the source code, I really need it :(
  10. Why, does it not work? If you get an error post it here using pastebin. I need to know more! :)
  11. Its not meant for 1.12.2 at all needs updated.