Fallout-Hosting, Any good?

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  1. Hey,
    I was just considering getting a server from fallout-hosting, nothing serious just something to test on and mess around with. Has anyone used them and what were they like. (I don't really care about their support)

    Website: https://fallout-hosting.com
  2. I have said that in the past and will say it again.

    Why ask someone else when you can take a look yourself they should have a refund policy so rent a server and test it if it suits you then good keep it if not ask for a refund its that simple
  3. If you click purchase on any of their Minecraft packages it says they are out of stock. Lol.
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  4. Fair point. Actually quite a good idea.

    *Then I realize they're our of stock*
  5. maldahleh

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    Not sure what kind of service they would provide if they're selling a GB for a $1/month.
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  6. latiku


    40Gbps mitigation isn't very strong.
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  7. hahahha
  8. I used them for almost half a year, and they are great. And very very cheap.
  9. Honestly, I'd like to see a free/trial booter go above 20 Gbps.. Those booters may advertise 100Gbps+, but it's usually a false statistic and/or being shared with 15 other people trying to take down crap at the same time you are. 40Gbps protection is perfectly fine in most cases for MC servers.
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