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  1. So for the past several months I've been using "fallout-hosting" as my minecraft hosting company (mainly for the cheap prices per offered gb - example: $1 - 1gb) and today following an FTP error they sent me the following ticket:

    I don't have any possible way to show them copies of my ID, as my home scanner doesn't work. Nor does our fax machine. I've never had a hosting company ever ask me to verify my ID...so I'm wondering if anyone else has had or is having this problem currently.
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    Yes, most professional companies will verify your ID. Use your phone to take a picture. It's fine.
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  3. I have, and now It's come up with the problem of "oops, cannot upload your photo, not enough disk space" Freaking out here, can't provide them the information they want/need if they won't allow me to upload and send it to them.
  4. Free up some space on your phone by removing some apps or transferring photo's to the cloud.
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    Game server hosts generally don't, but cheaper services do mostly if you pay by card, since fake info + card from different region than IP could mean chargeback. Chargeback sometime means $20-$30 fee by the card processor. Risky.

    Where are you getting "not enough disk space"? That doesn't make sense if it's local, if you can't upload it to something on their end use something like Dropbox or Mega. Some phones (like Samsung) let you direct link images from their cloud storage,
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  6. I believe I recently replied to your ticket. When a client provides fake information on their account, all services are suspended until rectified.
    We take false information on our host serious, I hope you understand. Feel free to reach out to me here or our host via tickets if you require any additional assistance.
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  7. Fallout Hosting is having some issues lately from some DDoS attacks, they've halted a lot of their machines to mitigate the attack and close it off.

    Give it some time and everything should be back online as you left it.
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