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  1. Hi all,

    Thanks for reaching out this page.
    I have been creating completed and unique servers for about 6 years now.
    Sadly enough I have never gotten further than 20 people online.
    I do not get what I am doing wrong.
    Currently I have a server in maintenance with a brilliant idea:

    The Rumble is a Medieval themed Minecraft server that is producing great quality, original MMO! Our staff team is dedicated and loyal to proving the best experience possible for all the players! You could see our server as a Pokemon/World of Warcraft Idea, where you travel through villages and level your way up to the top. (THIS IS NOT A SURVIVAL SERVER)!!!

    But I do not see coming 50+ people online.
    The server is gigantic with a lot of different classes to choose from and thousands of quests.

    My promotion intelligent are not further than:

    Knowing how to votifier & vote system works
    Inviting some friends via other games.

    Please, if someone has any tips.
    Let me know! Everything is welcome

    Greets, BiefBink
  2. Most servers purchase advertising from various websites and YouTubers in order to grow. As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money.

    Though if you want a personal opinion, MMO servers are as common as mosquitos. Its not truely unique unless you create a gamemode no one else has.
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  3. Splazeing


    Its hard to explain new players who do not communicate alot in game on how the servers unique features work.
    For this, you will need a youtuber who makes a video on the server explaining parts of the server.
    Now, try to find a youtuber. Hard right? Expensive right? Yes and yes.

    You can try a .org , -mp , or -list slot.
    This will give you traffic for sure, but then we get to the same point, how do we explain them everything?
    Giving them a book with explaination doesnt attract kids who want to get started fast.

    Go ahead and make your own conclusion from this.
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  4. spend money to make money, and lose more money if you fail
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  5. talk to your members who join, be friendly
  6. "who join" This is step 2, after the players joined