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Make a trail of items falling around your players without them being able to take them!

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    FancyTrails [FREE] - Make a trail of items falling around your players without them being able to take them!

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  2. Nick Plugin ! :D
  3. I'm glad you enjoy it! Make sure to stay tuned for future updates!
  4. Whilst I dont need this plugin I have a few words of advice from using some plugins like this.

    Mainly in the form of Bug/Issues with the items being picked up here are some cornercases my players used with another plugin like this that lead to them being able to pick up the items.

    1. Hoppers and Hopper minecarts Picking up the items and then being able to be taken,
    2. Nether portal or other types of portals the nether portal will teleport the items to the nether or overworld often resetting any NBT data and allowing them to be picked up.
    3. Unloaded chunks. players teleporting to spawn would leave items at their bases and if no one is nearby the items would end up in an unloaded chunk after the timer that would normally clean them up ( from your plugin ) players could return and pick the items up.

    Just some bugs and things you may want to test. to make sure items cant be abused and picked up.
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  5. You're actually right. I've done my best to remove items once they hit the ground and I've added few events that trigger the cancelation of this trails. Though, I didn't think of those exact method of exploitation. I will test it and patch it if I find any of these.

    Thanks for apporting. :)
  6. @RustyDagger I highly appreciate that you shared that information! The plugin was indeed vulnerable to this type of exploits. However... I managed to fix 2 of those major glitches that players could use to loot items!
    • Dropped entities now have a unique identifier that will prevent them from teleporting on the Nether/End portal.
    • Hoppers (and minecarts w/ Hoppers) will not accept items with the unique identifier either.
    • Entities without the identifier are not affected by this patch!
    Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!
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    [CRITICAL] Looting exploit

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  8. Glad to of helped :D
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