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    I no longer actively play Minecraft. This guide is probably VERY outdated, sorry about that.


    So this is part 2 to my original guide which can be found here. Unfortunately I lost a lot of the files that I had originally written the FAQ in, and so this is rather a basic one to start off.

    If you have any questions that you'd like to hear my perspective on, then please reply to this thread with them so that myself & everyone else can help you out! I am in no way qualified for this, but you guys seemed to like my last guide so here we go :).

    Thank you for the support, I hope you enjoy the read.

    Here are some of the FAQ I get asked from you guys!

    What are the best server lists?
    This is pretty much an impossible question to straight out answer. What kind of players are you looking for on your server? What type of server is it? What timezone are you in? What language do you speak? I cannot go through and answer every single one of these sub-questions. However I can point you in the right direction. You can use sites such as Alexa to find out the rough traffic for a website to see how popular it really is, as well as the amount of people from different countries that visit it. For example, here is planetminecraft's alexa stats. You can google around to see which sites are most used for which country. It's also characteristic of sites with easy to remember domain names & popular sponsored slots to be frequented by people in their thousands. Such as .org.

    Is it worth hiring a YouTuber or just making videos yourself?
    Both will have their merits. If you want the faster and the most effective way of getting players through YouTube, it would be best to hire a YouTuber. Make note when hiring a YouTuber to check their sub to view ratio on their videos. A lot of YouTubers have many subs and not so many views as the subscribers are no longer interested in their videos but do not unsubscribe. There are also channels which gain a ridiculous amount of views per month but have only a few subscribers, the suspicious behaviour is characteristic of bots or illegitimate publicity. The advantage of creating your own YouTube channel to publicize your server is that it's free and you get full control of the amount and frequency of the uploads.

    Is starting with a somewhat common gamemode (mcMMO, PvE, etc.) a good idea?
    This seemed to me like an odd question. I was under the impression that Minecraft is either Survival or Creative at the base. I would assume that those who choose to play on a Survival server would be prepared to fight against mobs and deal with the normal mechanics of the game. If you are asking about whether or not to do a server based on PvE or PvP then I'd ask you to look at the rest of the guide, check out what I've said about turning a generic server into a successful one. I've seen people turn very bland gamemodes such as prison into money-making-player-packed machines that are frequented by players in their hundreds. Anything can be done, are you willing to do it?

    Do custom maps provide a better experience?
    I would say that they do, if you take a look at @Martijnie his server is full of custom biomes and features, it makes it stick out like a gold ingot in a pile of unicorn dung. However, they can be hard to make, costly & difficult to fill with ores/the basics needed for survival. As well as learning the ways of that particular server a player would also find genuine interest in exploring the map and staying on the server. I find that a terraformed map needs to have balances with some plain and some complex areas. You might be digging yourself deeper if you decide to terraform a map based on one particular style of landscape or art.

    I don't have any money for plugin customisation, HELP!?
    Don't fret, you can find many free alternatives to paying for custom development such as the plugin Skript. I've used it for the following skript that you might too find useful:
    There are quite a few skripts available on the spigot resources page too, you can check a few out over here!

    What server name do I choose?
    I'll start off with this by listing a few of the extremely popular servers that come to mind when I think of Minecraft server success; Daegonner, Desteria, Hypixel, Mineplex, Minetime, FadeCloud and the list goes on. Now notice I haven't listed any servers such as LichCraft or VikkCraft which have the overused -Craft suffix to their server name. This is because I don't think a server with 'Craft' in their name is entirely relevant unless it's a name such as 'CraftTime'. A good place I'd say to think of a server name is uniqueness. You can find such a name in many languages such as latin, greek or even biblical texts. For example I found my name 'Leviathan' from the biblical term of an ancient and powerful sea creature. I wanted to be a well rooted & growing minecraft community and so I decided that's the name for me. No one else had that name and here I am. Google away & find the name for you :).

    There's nothing wrong with having network, MC, your gamemode or anything of the sort in your name. Just remember everyone knows it's a network or a Minecraft server if they play on the server, so the full server name may not need to be used ingame. eg, Leviathan & not LeviathanMC. I've noticed recently that servers may be finding alternatives to Network or MC such as Cloud... see what you can find!

    I realize that by only owning a few month old server that peaks at 20-50 on good days gives me no right to tell you how to run your server, and that's not what I intend to do with this thread. This thread was created to showcase my opinions on the aspects of owning a server to the people who might just want to read it. I spent quite a bit of time making this.

    Thank you for reading, have a nice day and good luck on making your server <3 :) !

    Please tell me if I made any mistakes in the thread! You can contact me via skype @ "stashthor" or via inbox here on SpigotMC or my own site, Leviathan. I hope you enjoy my weird brew of ranting & information.

    I would highly recommend reading the following guides both before asking a question and as part of your weekend reading to get you well versed on the fundamentals of owning and managing a successful server.
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  3. Great guide! Well made. I just got one question, what do you call a MMO server? I know what Mmo means but what do you call a Mmo Server? Like games or do you mean mmorpg?
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    I meant to say mcMMO, it's been corrected. :)
  5. Thanks for the fast answer. I was curious because there are just a few (2-3) good mmorpg servers out there and I don't think that that is a common gamemode.
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  6. Very accurate! Good work
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  8. A huge thanks for you! Excellent text
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