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  1. No, it doesn't.

    It's the distance between any pair of identical entities. For example, if you specify the distance as 3 and entities are at coordinates 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 (looking at one dimension for simplicity), then all 6 entities will be counted in the group. If you have 0, 3, 6, 10, 12, 15, then that would be two separate groups.
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  2. Hello,
    im lookin forward to this plugin and wanted to ask, if theres somehow a way to limit nether portal farms for gold farming(zombie pigmans)?

    Could someone please provide an example config. Thank you so much!
  3. This no-longer works on 1.16.1 - Paper (Release 10)

    Just does nothing, spawn 1000 sheep with max 20 in 10 block radius and it says 0 are removed.
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  4. It's working properly on my Spigot 1.16.1 server.
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  5. support 1.16.1?
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  6. Does this plugins limits villager farms?

    Works on Paper 1.16.1?
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  7. Having an issue with version v1.4.0 not removing Skeleton Horses.
    I was on version v1.3.1 with no issues.
    I am using default config.
  8. @filoghost
    Sorry for the ping,
    i was waiting to give you time to respond.
    Is there any solution or update fix for the above issue?
  9. The plugin works on 1.16.

    Yes, there is a setting for reducing the rate of zombie pigman spawning (0 to 100%). The relevant setting is
    Code (YAML):
    : 100%
    Yes it can remove villagers as any other living mob.

    Can you please double check your configuration, and try with commands (for example, "/farm search sheep") to see if the plugin is able to see the groups of entities? Also update to the latest version of 1.16.

    The default configuration only removes mobs from groups of 50 or more entities within 3 blocks of each other. Are skeleton horses that common? Try searching manually with "/farm search skeleton_horse"
  10. Hey filoghost,
    Yeah for some reason skeleton horses are spawning like crazy. "/farm search" doesnt find them on 1.4.0

    I even manually spawned 150 on a local server to test and stop didn't remove. They were all in close proximity to each other so not a distance issue.
    I've deleted config and let the plugin generate a fresh copy so I know it's not a config issue
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  11. including screenshot to show.

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  12. SpacePuppeh


    How strict is this regarding dropped items. Say, I break 3 chests full of enchanted items. And there is overall entity lag on the server, but not from these 3 chests. Will these 3 chests full of items be removed, or culled, if the server is having entity lag 20 blocks away from 20,000 items for some reason, for example?

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  13. For me "/farm search skeleton_horse" is working fine on 1.16, and in the code there is no special handling of skeleton horses, so it might be a MC/Spigot bug. What command did you type exactly?
  14. They would be considered two separate groups. If you set the limit to 50, for example, two groups of 50 items would remain. If you set a global limit (using distance "-1"), the items that spawned first would be removed first (the chest items would stay, as they spawned later).
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  15. hey filoghost,
    So running "/farm search skeleton_horse" does show them. like running it now it shows 107 of them in one area.
    but when i do "/farm check" it removes 0 mobs.
  16. Please try again after setting "extra > exclude-tamed" to "false" in config.yml. I think Minecraft or Spigot may consider them always tamed.
  17. SpacePuppeh


    I noticed villagers are, by default, excluded from the limiter.

    Is there a way to safely limit villagers, or is there a great enough risk of players being upset about them being removed?

    I'm not too sure how to set that up.