Spigot FarmingUpgrade 1.2.5

Upgraded farming mechanics.

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  2. linck dawn ;( nop download
  3. Hey man, not sure what the issue is but ... when I use the upgraded hoe feature, no items drop. On 1.16.1 and only other plugins are a shop etc. there are no issues in the console either so no log to send
  4. Hey. You have a great plugin, one of a kind. I wanted to suggest some ideas.

    1. In Minecraft, the enchant for "fortune" does not increase the drop from wheat and beets (except for their seeds). You could correct this misunderstanding by adding the ability to enable "fortune" accounting for wheat and beets.
    2. I would like to use the range for the "efficiency" enchant, but not depending on the material of the tool. Unfortunately, at this time you cannot turn off radius for material only.

    Otherwise a great plugin, customizable and enhancing the vanilla game experience.
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  5. Thank you. For 1, you can do this yourself with a Minecraft data pack, which I think is a better solution than hardcoding it in a plugin. For 2, I will add options to enable/disable materialRange and enchantmentRange.
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  6. Hi.
    Please make FarmingUpgrade not reduce the durability of tools that are flagged as "unbreakable". (I don't know the NBT specifics.)
    Apparently there's a flaw in Minecraft itself, as reducing the durability of "unbreakable" items to 0 causes them to break anyway.
    So, to compensate, I think it would make sense for plugins to take that into consideration when calculating durability reductions.
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  7. Hey,
    I actually coded it to not reduce the durability of unbreakable items. I will look into it to see that it works properly. Thank you for the bug report
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  8. Thank you for fixing this so quickly. :)