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  1. @UnpluggedDK
    fawe configuration looks fine.

    Try using
    Code (Text):
    And check the bukkit commands.yml, or your shortcommands plugin to see if they have anything set which might override the /paste.
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  2. You my man! are a god!!
    worldedit: /paste -o (did the trick)
  3. I've installed latest fawe plugin, but server easily crash without reason.
    crash detail always said ticking world issue, just only few people have this issue?
    If so, I should open ticket
  4. Try uninstalling FAWE and see if your server crashes, to be certain FAWE or something related to FAWE is causing this issue.

    I hope this issue gets resolved!
  5. I tried to downgrade FAWE, server comes normally. Yes, I should try to find others plugin corrupt, but really don't have time ,my server have 100 around plugins.
  6. Oh ok, well the older versions of FAWE still work fine even on newer versions of Spigot, however I would only recommend going a couple versions back.
  7. Click on Download External but I get page timeout's.. site down? Is there a mirror?
  8. @Empire92 moving a schematic file from one server to another is quite a job, especially since i can't just give out ftp access for everyone, would be nice if the "clipboard upload" feature could also include a download, just giving the key or even the full url and it would download the schematic from empcraft.com, can I expect such feature in future releases?
  9. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or if there is a fix, if a player has set the time or weather on their plot then anyone who visits the plot and then leaves still has the weather for example rain with them. They can only get rid of it by leaving the server and rejoining. Any solutions to this would be helpful.
  10. Andre_601


    that isn't really FAWE related and depends more on your Plot-plugin
  11. thank you, I will take at our plot-plugin
  12. @WindUnwaken
    So I can't really replicate the issue myself. You mentioned that downgrading is a temporary fix. Do you know which build caused it?

    You can, though I suppose it should be more intuitive. The key is the uuid in the download link.
    `//schem load url:<key>`

    The schematics and clipboard can also be shared cross server. If the servers are on the same machine, set the `schematic` directory in `plugins/WorldEdit/config.yml` and the `clipboard` in `plugins/FastAsyncWorldEdit/config.yml` to a shared directory. If the servers are on multiple machines, you'll need to use NFS or Samba in a shared directory.
  13. Can you make this work with WorldGuard? It literally doesn't let me do any WorldGuard commands when I have this plugin and I have to always use the regular WorldEdit for it to work but really want to use this plugin instead of the regular WorldEdit...
  14. Andre_601


    You know that FAWE is actually a extension to WE, that downloads it on first startup, right?

    It also works just fine with WorldGuard.
  15. Files look complicated and why .jar is ~6 mb? And i have a idea. Can you create lightweight and very basic version of fawe? for a which plugins using worldedit like ASkyBlock.
  16. But usually when I get it with or without the regular WorldEdit the WorldGuard commands collapse and don't work. It generates no FAWE file and just regular WorldEdit shows there at startup. Am I supposed to download WorldEdit, then FAWE, then WorldGuard? Cause this order is really weird and WorldGuard only works with one WorldEdit. Not sure how you set it up to make it work with WorldGuard when FAWE doesn't work alone or doesn't work with the WorldEdit I have to download. I use WorldEdit/WorldGuard 6.1 for my 1.8.8 server since newer versions are for 1.9 and higher. Is it cause of the version or something?
  17. Andre_601


    It's most likely that: Incompatible versions.... You really shouldn't stuck with MC 1.8.8 and update it.
  18. some people on servers don't like 1.12 though
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