Spigot Fast Async WorldEdit alpha-development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

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    > What is FAWE?
    A multi platform addon for WorldEdit capable of doing large changes to a world very quickly, without halting the server, and using minimal CPU and memory.
    • It's used on large creative networks because it can scale WorldEdit to be safely usable by hundreds of players.
    • It's used by builders because it has powerful building tools (brushes, commands, masks, patterns, transforms etc.)
    • It's used by developers because it abstracts the single threaded server to allow things like async world manipulation.
    > Switching from AWE
    FAWE is faster, uses less memory/disk and has more features. AWE's config groups can easily be adapted to FAWE's player limits. BlocksHub is supported, although the default logger is recommended.

    > Supported Platforms (PC/PE)
    • Bukkit (CraftBukkit, Spigot, Paper, Taco: 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10, 1.11)
    • Forge (Client, Server: 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10, 1.11)
    • Thermos (1.7.10)
    • Sponge (Vanilla, Forge: Latest)
    • Nukkit (Latest)
    > Protection plugins
    The following plugins are supported with Bukkit
    > Logging and Rollback
    By default you can use `//rollback` and `//inspect` to search and restore changes. Alternatively, install BlocksHub to integrate with the following loggers (which will slow down edits and use a lot of space on disk):
    • CoreProtect
    • LogBlock
    • Prism
    • HawkEye
    To bypass logging use `//fast`

    > Developer API
    Usage in plugins:
    > Features for you
    • Optimizes 94 core WorldEdit classes, and includes platforms specific optimizations so you can get the best possible performance.
    • Fixes some bugs in WorldEdit (inventory mode, regen population, block rotation, 1.11 entity paste, block pattern parsing, tab completion, Vector/BlockVector compatibility, tools bypassing session history)
    • Translatable WorldEdit messages and commands
    • No setup required clipboard web integration (http://empcraft.com/fawe)
    • Compressed history and clipboard stored on disk which substantially reduces memory usage, allows for unlimited //undo, multiworld history as well as lookups/rollback. (Note: Increase the compression level and buffer to reduce disk usage.)
    • Per player limits (entity, tiles, memory, changes, iterations)
    • New //selection fuzzy[=mask] mode (works sorta like magic wand in photoshop)
    • Allows WorldEdit commands from console (e.g. /jumpto world,0,0,0)
    • Adds lighting commands. (fix, set, remove)
    • Adds lots of powerful new //brushes and //tools. (heightmap, flat, cliff, erode, blend, spline, recursive, multi-command, cylinder, copy)
    • Adds a lot more mask functionality. (new mask syntax, patterns, expressions, source masks)
    • Adds a lot more pattern functionality. (a lot of new pattern syntax and patterns)
    • Adds edit transforms (apply transforms to a source e.g. on //paste)
    • Adds support for new formats (Structure Blocks, FAWE, PNG = //schematic <save|load> [format] <file>)
    • Instant copying of arbitrary size with `//lazycopy`
    • Adds `//cancel` for edit cancellation
    • Adds progress notifications (titles)
    • Auto repair partially corrupt schematic files
    > Media
    The flatten brush:

    Pasting a schematic:

    The spline brush:

    Setting a billion blocks:
    > Global stats
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  2. Let me try it.
  3. What's the difference?
  4. Bug:
    As OP if you use /wae you get "You must be a player to toggle the setting"
  5. I couldn't make it.
    When I paste, writing "To bypass your restrictions use /wea" 3 times and pasted. But doesn't paste. I write "/wea" on chat but now it's writing "You must be a player to toggle this setting".
    (Sorry for bad English.)
  6. I have that error too.
  7. It needs vault for the toggle to work, I forgot about that. Just give yourself fawe.bypass I suppose.

    Between this and AWE?
    - It's free
    - Somewhat faster
    - It processes WorldEdit commands to limit blockstates and entities, brush iterations
    - It has hooks for various protection plugins
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  8. Which WE version do you recommend?
  9. [FastAsyncWorldEdit] Plugin FastAsyncWorldEdit v1.1.0 has failed to register events for class com.boydti.fawe.generator.FaweGenerator because org/bukkit/generator/ChunkGenerator$ChunkData does not exist.
  10. 6.1

    If you're using anything older than 1.8.8 it won't work
    Edit: FAWE now supports all versions of spigot,
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  11. i using spigot lastest 1.8.8 build
  12. Does this depend on awe, or it's injecter by any chance?
  13. Nope.
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  14. Code (Text):
      public static Main plugin;
      public static WorldEditPlugin worldedit;
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  15. Can this hook into BlocksHub (or CoreProtect directly) for logging changes? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/blockshub.331/

    Does this mean it's actually async vs. simple batch placing of AWE? (Video suggests it does things in chunks, I'm assuming is similar to AWE premium's "direct chunk editing")
    Would like a small bit of elaboration on this if you don't mind. I'm presuming limiting placement of things like armor stands?

    Also, I'd like to be able to limit speed of placement (if possible/makes sense regarding reducing CPU load) and # of concurrent jobs (player and server total), similar to AWE - unless it's already limited to 1 at a time.
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  16. Empire92 updated [Free] Fast Async WorldEdit - β with a new update entry:


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  17. It can now. Remember that fastmode will bypass the logging, so only give that to trusted players.

    The fastest way to make changes is in chunks. It's mainly the lighting updates that take the longest, and there are a lot of optimizations if you do it for the entire chunk rather than for each block. Not sure how AWE handles it exactly, but this is async and supports all the capabilities of WorldEdit.

    Armor stands are entities. Blockstates can be considered blocks that contain additional information such as chest (inventories) signs (lines), banners etc. Creating 60,000 chests in a single chunk will always cause issues.

    I need to work on this.