Spigot Fast Chunk Pregenerator 2.0.6

Generate chunks | Sync/Async | Pregen filter for high performance

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    Fast Chunk Pregenerator - Generate chunks | Force load chunks | Background tasks with no TPS loss

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  2. Hey, awesome plugin! Just wondering if you would consider open-sourcing it on Github?

    It would be nice to be able to make some pull requests for some improvements!
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  3. This works with old version like 1.12.2?
  4. From what I understand, this plugin takes advantage of PaperMC’s utilities now, right?
  5. This plugin work correctly with EpicWorldGenerator?
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  6. I want to generate a 30k radius map but with how i keep setting up the config it will take days.. Can you recommend me a setup? I use a 3700x 16gig ram and its on a nvme ssd.
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  7. If you use paper you can enable async force feed and feed 5-15 chunks per tick (You might have to play around with that)
    This will disable every other setting automatically.
    If you get over 90 chunks per second you are good to go. Your TPS migth drop to unusable rates then.

    If you want to work on the server while generating the chunks you can:
    Enable async chunk loads
    Disable hybrid mode
    Disable force feed
    Set ms per tick to 20 - 35

    I get around 50 chunks per second and 20 TPS then

    This will take days either way.
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  8. This is what I noticed seemed to generate the fastest

    MaxMsPerTick: 200.5
    TickDelayBetweenGenerations: 1
    SecondsPerNotification: 60
    NotificationType: CONSOLE
    EnableAsyncChunkCalls: true
    EnableExperimentalHybridCalls: true
    EnableAsyncForceFeed: false
    ChunksPerForceFeed: 10

    Gives me 64.7 Chunks per second.. anything you think i can tweak?
  9. Maybe. Never tested it.

    Yes it can use papers async chunk loading.

    It should work with EpicWorldGenerator.

    Did you pre-render the chunks?
    This plugin does not make chunk loading any faster... it can be used to pre-generate them or keep chunks in memory if they are often used.
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  10. EnableAsyncForceFeed: true
    ChunksPerForceFeed: (between 5 and 15)
    Also MaxMsPerTick should be 50 at max. My bad i have to clarify this a bit.
  11. Did everything you said but went with ChunksPerForceFeed: 20 and I am rendering atm 400 chunks per second....
    Edit: Set it to 50 and now im generating 1k chunks per second =O How high can i get this best part tps is 20
  12. Okay I can set it to 90 without it crashing.... 1800chunks a second.... DANG!
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