Fast & Easy Security guide for Minecraft servers

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    BungeeGuard is basically the best alternative to setting your network up properly, there is no real need to have iptables and bungeeguard setup together, but *shrugs*
  2. I didnt test it so i dont know.
  3. I like to have more security on my net xd closing all ports, mirroring mi msql database, 2fa, bungeeguard, casual protector etc. xd
    thanks for the info XD
  4. Yeah, and adding overhead that isnt that necessary. If you already have a firewall theres no need for a "bungee port protect" plugin.

    I think that adding excesive "protection" can lead to more issues.
  5. Just a notification to let everyone know that the guide has been updated completelly :)
  6. Lo mejor de lo mejor, muchas gracias Linsa por esta guia :)
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  7. Good job. It's a improvement from the last one. It's still lacking a bit though. I seriously feel like writing a guide, properly demonstrating how to not only secure a server but along with other helpful tips.
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  8. Thanks, yeah i tried to explain a little more instead of just dropping the fix.