Spigot Fast Maps 1.1

Down with slow map loading!

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    Fast Maps - Down with slow map loading!

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  2. Of course. =P
    Some servers have the need (or desire?) to bypass the slower rendering, however. Typically this is the case in servers that deliver game-play in custom adventure maps that use custom map images. Ultimately it's up to the server owner whether or not this plugin applies to their needs and, hopefully, it lives up to their expectations. =)
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  3. I just tried and still stripes. I'm on 1.7.10
  4. Are you using FastMaps 1.0 or 1.1?
  5. What reason is that?
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  6. I think doing well but could strengthen more :)

    Espita 1.8.8
    Java 8
    196 Plugins
    4 Worlds
  7. Hello,

    I've tried 1.0 and 1.1. I'm using Minecraft 1.7.10.

    The map plugin is a custom plugin, do you need something extra in the plugin?
    (also, no errors in console)
  8. Does the custom map plugin you're using load actual maps? Some of them replace the map image dynamically, which I don't think will be fast-loaded by my plugin.
  9. Let me ask the dev to reply. I'm honestly not sure how he is loading the maps...