Bukkit FastCraft v2.0.3

Redefines crafting in Minecraft

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    FastCraft+ - Redefines crafting in Minecraft

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    #1 Kepler, Mar 24, 2016
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  2. I have problem, if I try /fastcraft it doesn´t working.
  3. I see permissions are on your to-do list. Any eta on when we can expect that to be added?
    We used FastCraft as a perk from our voting shop, which means its crucial that not everyone gets the access to it.
  4. Hi this plugin is amazing BUT there is a bug whit ItemMakerPro plugin, if you make perfect recapies whit the item maker plugin for example recipies whit custom items like a ingot named something makes a spasific sword. using fastcraft you able to craft the item using a regular ingot not a named one to create the sword ALso this plugin is amazing! Just please fix the bug
  5. Is there a way to access FastCraft via command? I'd love to see that if not. It would also be cool to add a config option to disable FastCraft for physical crafting tables.
  6. Not yet. When I get around to implementing commands, this will be possible.
  7. No guarantees, but I can try to implement permissions within the next few days.
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  8. Is there a way to prevent crafting with FastCraft from paying players money when they have crafting jobs with the JobsReborm plugin?
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  9. There isn't at the moment. Do you want to disable it because they're not getting paid for crafting when they craft with FastCraft+?
  10. Players are getting paid by the jobs plugin for crafting items using fast craft. Since it is so easy to craft stuff not having to place the items in the crafting table, players exploit that and make tons of money real fast and easy.
  11. Alright. Is this something that you'll be able to fix with permissions? Otherwise I can try something else.
  12. Can you create ProRecipes support?
  13. Thank you, I'll look into it. I'm working on compatibility with Item Maker Pro as well.
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  14. Hihio here i uploaded for u my german DE.yml
    may u wanne use it :) i tried to include all mats :D..its posible that i forgot 1 or 2...but never mind..i try to kep my file up to date xD

    just delet the .txt to just DE.yml (because u cant uplaod yml files here :D

    just for Info: i use a plugin caled RealMail...this created new Recipes..and these are included from this plugin ...so i think the plugin also includes most random creation of recipies others made..
    they should test it more :D

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  15. Thank you! I'll pm you if there are any other things than might need to be translated. :D
  16. Are Permissions the same than in FastCraft?

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