Faster way to transfer files?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by iLemon, Nov 12, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    I run my minecraft server on a dedicated server from OVH running Windows Server 2008. I shortly after, realised that windows wasn't a very good idea, and I am wanting to move to Linux.

    I only have one issue, and that is when the OS is modified, all the files are wiped from the system. I would need to transfer over 200GB of server files, to my personal PC, using my own internet which isn't ideal when transferring large files.

    I was wondering if there was any way I could go around this, without having to wait more then 10 hours for files to transfer to my PC, then to upload them again.

    Thank you!

  2. You could upload them to a different dedicated server (preferably in the same data centre) and then retrieve them afterwards.
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  3. If these were two different machines, then you could directly upload it. Now indeed, you will have to download the files first and then upload them again.
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    Get a cheap VPS for a month or something - use that as your transfer point.
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  5. He have more than 200GB of files. OVH's best vps have 200GB of storage, but he have more than 200GB, so that won't be a solution.

    @zLemonProzYT OVH offer 1 week rental on some of their dedicated servers. Only 34€ for a week.
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  6. iLemon


    I think this would be the best thing to do!

    Thanks for the help!
  7. iLemon


    Where would I get a decent VPN from?
  8. FileZilla is the easiest way to download and upload files to a server using a password or Key. 200 GB of Minecraft files?
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    Would it be faster, if I some how managed to set up a FTP server on my personal PC, and then on the dedicated server to open filezilla, connect to it and transfer it that way?
  10. No ftp would be slow.
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  11. IDK, I didn't realize till after I wrote that you are talking 200GB...Wow.
  12. iLemon


    This is the folder my server is in:

  13. iLemon


    Holy cr**...

    I was just checking out the size of each files and noticed that the total is 204GB.

    Then I checked other folders like plugins and words and only took about half a GB..

    Finally I checked the logs folder and it is 202GB!

    I honestly do not know how this happened. Will it harm the server in any form if I delete that folder and it's contents? And is there a way to disable logs or if it only keeps like a weeks worth?
  14. iLemon


    Just after I commented the above, the total is now 340GB...
  15. You don't need to transfer all that Windows crap to Linux...It would be useless anyway, Just the Server folder.
  16. iLemon


    All the files in the logs folder are hardly any memory, but the 'latest.log' is insane...

    Is this due to the fact I do not have an automatic restart system setup?
  17. Your saying that most of the 300 gb of hard drive is a log file?
  18. Well yes and no. Your server will just keep logging everything in that latest log until it restarts or crashes. These can become insanely big if you do not restart often.