Faster way to transfer files?

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    I could but it would take the same amount of time, plus I wouldn't be able to unzip it directly in the FTP.
  2. YOu have access to your new server. Unzip it on there.
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    If I edit the name of the zip file to prison.tar instead of, and then transfer the file, rename it to .zip and then unzip.

    Would that work?
  4. It's the same as transferring a .zip file except that you're modifying the file extension with (possibly?) no difference other than extra effort
  5. Can you not just transfer a zip file? host to host, skip you in the middle, then just unzip it on the new server..
  6. zip a zip then zip that zip
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  7. Technically works but then the compression ratio decreases over layers

    So zipception isn't probably the solution.
  8. Transfer the zip directly to the server, and unzip it with the unzip command.
  9. ....Unless you're zipping a bunch of zero's, in which case:
    [pwd. 42]
  10. Tar up the files, Transfer them over with scp/etc, untar. enjoy
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  11. I highly doubt server consists of a bunch of zeroes.
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  12. I already told you, get rid of all the unnecessary files.
  13. rsync has an option to compress files on the fly.
  14. Zip the files, and then just SCP them from one server to the other, and unzip them there.
  15. Pm me, I have a server with ovh you can use to transfer files.
  16. Always make sure you don't include the unessential files, and even though it will take an @$$load of time probably, I'd recommend downloading it to your own computer (to be sure you don't lose the entire server in the process, on accident of course). Good luck!
  17. Don't listen to anyone here, I have the best solution for you. I use AWS, one time something bad happened so I purchased their tech support for $30 of the remaining month. They taught me so many things. Register a AWS account on aws. And their is this amazing thing called s3.
    Watch that video, Also you can backup everything in a directory or backup your entire disk up to s3 and you can redownload it to another machine. AWS s3 is extremely fast to. And everything is redundant in multiple data centers. Its only 3 cents a gigabyte a month. You only pay for what you use. No minimum fees. Its amazing. I use it all the time. I can upload 30 gigabytes of server files in 3 minutes off of my servers to s3. It uses the server machines internet so no need for using ftp to keep downloading files and reuploading them. :D Ill even give a example video of me using s3
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  18. 1. ZIP the files you want to move with "cd /location/of/my/files"
    2. type "zip -r myFile"
    3. Move the ZIP file to "/var/www/html"
    4. Go to host machine 2
    5. Go to the location you want to download the zip file, Using "cd"
    6. "wget <ipofdedicaited1>/"
    7. Then "unzip"
    Tell me if this works :D
  19. I suggested Amazon, not sure if it was here though.