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  1. I'm switching hosting providers and I found that a 2GB zip file is taking me around 2-3 hours to upload through FTP.

    I am wondering, would it be faster to upload to Dropbox/Google Drive and use wget?

    Or perhaps using Samba to transfer files.
  2. If you have ssh access on source and target you could use scp
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  4. My old hosting provider is a shared host with only FTP to upload/download and a multicraft panel, i'm switching to a OVH dedicated, but I doubt they would be willing to help me switch to a competitor.
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    Do you or they have real crappy speed or something? 2 GB would only take me a couple minutes to transfer. If your internet is slow, change your passwords on both providers' FTP to a temp password, email me the connection info and I'd be willing to transfer it for you. Then you can change the passwords back. Of course, if the shared host has crap speed it won't be any better.
  6. You could always connect through FTP in terminal and download the file directly to the server. or just take up @Strahan's lovely offer.
  7. On the old host I would .tar.gz the data you wish to move.

    On the new host I would curl or wget that file, this way you use the speed from the providers to transfer the files, not using your home connection.

    2gb should be done in no more than a few minutes. if not just seconds.
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    Are you one of my (old) clients? This sounds like someone who opened a ticket a in the past 48 hours. Either way, do what I said above. Since you have FTP access you can use wget to download the file directly to your dedicated server.

    Download whole / directory from FTP:
    wget --user=NAME --password='PASSWORD' -m

    Download single .zip file from FTP:
    wget --user=NAME --password='PASSWORD' -m

    And you're correct, OVH won't help you with software questions. The servers are unmanaged.
  9. Not me I haven't sent any tickets in about this o_O and thank you those commands worked really well, everything was downloaded really quicky!
  10. Use WinSCP works great with download speeds. Faster than FileZilla
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    Lol. The general consensus online is that WinSCP is for people unfamiliar with FTP, and is also, to claims; about 5-10x slower than FileZilla.

    I suggest a real FTP client like WS_FTP
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  12. filezilla, just change 3 files at a time to 10 files at a time limit.
  13. No, that was me. ;)
    :D :p
    It must be internet connection because that is VERY slow... as said before.
  14. I have no idea how that got here, honestly. I think i posted it on the wrong thread somehow, kind of disturbing...
    Ah, it was meant to go here:
  15. You guys should really stop downloading the stuff to your own system and then using your computer to upload it to the other server.

    old <--> you <--> new == slowest
    old <---> new == fastest

    skip the middle man.

    How is this still an issue, tarball the data, remote get it from the other box. Problem solved.

    ALL this time spent to try and get ONLY 2 gb .. it could have been done on adsl by now.
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