Universal FastLogin 1.10

Auto login paid Minecraft accounts on offline mode (cracked) servers | Open Source | Premium UUID

  1. It's already compatible with it. See the description or do you meant another plug in?
  2. Tell me how to fix it .. I do not know what dev-build is! And I'm not interested if you already answered that .. I'm interested in hearing your answer to solve that problem!
  3. Why? If someone else had the same problem and I answered that: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/fastlogin.101192/page-34#post-2033058

    BTW: a dev-build (or development build) is a version created directly from changes from the source-code. Such versions are not much tested, but you can access to early version of the plugin before a release. That means you can get features, bug fixes earlier.
  4. Is it a problem with your plugin or my server? JUST THAT I WANT TO KNOW !!! I'm not interested in others
  5. As the linked post says, it's bug in FastLogin, you should update FastLogin to a dev-build which can be downloaded https://ci.xephi.fr/job/FastLogin/changes
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  6. You could already know that since days if you have read the linked post. Someone else had the same problem as you have.
  7. Answer Please
  8. I did. Update FastLogin
  9. Solve that please !!!
  10. You should update Fast login. It's already fixed.
  11. I found out that I have to set a database for BungeeCord.
    But when even I'm premium it doesnt allow me to login instantly, I still have to /login
  12. It only logins you in if it knows your premium. So you have to tell it with /premium or activate autoRegister. The last options means it checks if you are a new player (new to AuthMe and FastLogin) and then assumes you are premium. Otherwise it could happen that existing cracked players cannot login, because they use a premium username.
  13. I do have /premium already. But I still have to /login
  14. Do followed the guide on the git hub page?
  15. Oh welp apparently I'm dumb.
    Didnt notice the proxy-whitelist part. Sorry!
  16. I setup FastLogin correctly on my network.

    If anybody what to see the plugin in action tell me.
  17. @games647

    Could you point out where in your GitHub the code that checks premium status is? I've been trying to figure that out for a while now (not for a login plugin though)!
  18. So i have a question. so lets say a player joins the server with the name of Notch and he's cracked and registers the account. Then the real Notch premium user joins, will it remove the cracked players ability to join with that name or how would it work? Im assuming just 2 different uuid's if I'm correct. but what if they both join at the same time? Only one would be able to play right? how would this work? Can someone explain please as soon as possible.
  19. Hi if you could help me I would like to put the Plugins in the BungeeCord but I do not know if it supports it
  20. This plugin is universal. So it supports BungeeCord.