Universal FastLogin 1.10

Auto login paid Minecraft accounts on offline mode (cracked) servers | Open Source | Premium UUID

  1. I sent you in PM both the jar and config of authme and your plug-in.
  2. if I followed the guide to the letter, it does not get me any errors in any console, I have asked everyone and it says that it normally works, I need help!
  3. What did you tried? Do you tried to execute the premium command manually? In the default configuration, FastLogin assumes every player is cracked until the command is invoked.
  4. No news regarding this?
  5. Did it happen again using the new two versions? The installed you were using were very outdated.
  6. Yes, I latter upgraded Authme and your plugin to version #902. Still the same behavior.
  7. Tried today with the latest AuthMe dev build and your latest dev build and still the same behavior.
    No updates about this problem?
  8. Can anyone please help me?

    When i go in the bungeecord fastlogin config to find STATS-ID,
    i don't find it, but in the spigot config there is proxy-whitelist.
  9. It says plugin is disabled. So you should have an earlier error message on startup.
    It's inside the config.yml of the BungeeCord server not the plugin itself.
    Don't spam
  10. Code (Text):
    # FastLogin localization Czech file - translated by MCReunion - https://www.facebook.com/mcreunioneu/ (Renzotom)
    # Project site: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/fastlogin.14153
    # Source code: https://github.com/games647/FastLogin
    # You can access the newest locale here:
    # https://github.com/games647/FastLogin/blob/master/core/src/main/resources/messages.yml
    # You want to have language template? Visit the GitHub Wiki here:
    # https://github.com/games647/FastLogin/wiki/English

    # In order to split a message into separate lines you could just make a new line, but keep the '
    # Example:
    # bla: '&aFirst line
    # Second line
    # Third line'

    # If you want to disable a message, you can just set it to a empty value.
    # In this case no message will be sent
    # Example:
    # bla: ''

    # ========= Shared (BungeeCord and Bukkit)   ============

    # Switch mode is activated and a new (non-whitelist) cracked player tries to join
    switch-kick-message: '&4Jen hráči s originálním Minecraftem se mohou připojit na tento server'

    # GameProfile activated premium login in order to skip offline authentication
    add-premium: '&2Přdán na seznam prémiových hráčů'

    # GameProfile activated premium login in order to skip offline authentication
    add-premium-other: '&2Hráč byl přidán na seznam prémiových hráčů'

    # GameProfile is already set be a paid account
    already-exists: '&4Již jsi na seznamu prémiových hráčů'

    # GameProfile is already set be a paid account
    already-exists-other: '&4Hráč je již na seznamu prémiových hráčů'

    # GameProfile was changed to be cracked
    remove-premium: '&2Odstraněn ze seznamu prémiových hráčů'

    # GameProfile is already set to be cracked
    not-premium: '&4Nejsi na seznamu prémiových hráčů'

    # GameProfile is already set to be cracked
    not-premium-other: '&4Hráč není na seznamu prémiových hráčů'

    # Admin wanted to change the premium of a user that isn't known to the plugin
    player-unknown: '&4Player not in the database'

    # ========= Bukkit/Spigot ================

    # The user skipped the authentication, because it was a premium player
    auto-login: '&2Auto logged in'

    # The user was auto registered on the first join. The user account will be registered to protect it from cracked players
    # The password can be used if the mojang servers are down and you still want your premium users to login (PLANNED)
    auto-register: '&2Auto registered with password: %password
    You may want change it?'

    # GameProfile is not able to toggle the premium state of other players
    no-permission: '&4Not enough permissions'

    # Although the console can toggle the premium state, it's not possible for the console itself.
    # Because the console is not a user. (obviously, isn't it?)
    no-console: '&Tento příkaz nemůžeš vykonat jakožto konzole, protože není specifikován hráč.'

    # The user wants to toggle premium state, but BungeeCord support is enabled. This means the server have to communicate
    # with the BungeeCord first which will establish a connection with the database server.
    wait-on-proxy: '&6Posílám žádost... (Nezapomeň se řídit pomocí pomocí BungeeCord průvodce)'

    # When ProtocolLib is enabled and the plugin is unable to continue handling a login request after a requested premium
    # authentication. In this state the client expects a success packet with a encrypted connection or disconnect packet.
    # So we kick the player, if we cannot encrypt the connection. In other situation (example: premium name check),
    # the player will be just authenticated as cracked
    error-kick: '&4Vyskytla se chyba'

    # The server sends a verify token within the premium authentication request. If this doesn't match on response,
    # it could be another client sending malicious packets
    invalid-verify-token: '&4Neznámý token'

    # The client sent no request join server request to the mojang servers which would proof that it's owner of that
    # account. Only modified clients would do this.
    invalid-session: '&4Neznámá relace'

    # The client sent a malicious packet without a login request packet
    invalid-requst: '&4Neznámá žádost'

    # Message if the Bukkit isn't fully started to inject the packets
    not-started: '&cServer ještě není plně načten. Vydrž a zkus za chvíli'

    # Warning message if a user invoked /premium command
    premium-warning: '&c&lVAROVÁNÍ: &6Tento příkaz lze vykonat &lpouze&6, když jsi vlastníkem originálního Minecraftu.
    Napiš znovu &a/premium&6 pro potvrzení'

    # ========= Bungee/Waterfall only ================================
    Czech translation
  11. Hola, me gustaría saber si funciona para la 1.14.4 o si hay un plugin similar para dicha versión xd

    Hello, I would like to know if it works for 1.14.4 or if there is a similar plugin for that version xd
  12. yes it does work
  13. Just to know. I use advancedlogin and i tried with the last dev build of fastlogin but it didn't hook on to it. So i used the spigot download version and it works. By the way i get this report and i don't know if it was because of fastlogin or advancedlogin so i will let it here if serve for something. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/993Y2MwS2F/
  14. Your timeout is a little too short.
  15. Yeah sorry, that was another problem lol. Thanks for answering anyway.
  16. When will have fastlogin some new things ? In change log I can see only fixes and small changes in code, but nothing that can help with players without buyed game who have blocked account, because they can't read small text..
  17. I just tried it and it doesn't work, how do I make it work?