Universal FastLogin 1.10

Auto login paid Minecraft accounts on offline mode (cracked) servers | Open Source | Premium UUID

  1. Please post your server log and describe your setup.

    You mean https://github.com/games647/FastLogin/commit/5676e99decd3a7dfcd455618829f9bf430c91217 . It's already in-progress. The issue is that both Spigot and BungeeCord has no really good way to handle Sessions (except play sesssions - after login process is completed). So it's necessary to handle this completely on our own.
  2. FastLogin is a pretty good plugin. Thank you for the plugin. Can i take it to the Minecraft forum in China www.mcbbs.net? Can you agree?
  3. Of course
  4. hello, we received a lot of bot attack and we receive this error from your plugin there is a way to reduce request from your plugin ?
    Look screen here https://pastebin.com/XqEVYSQf

    Thank you for help
  5. I'm having a issue.. I instaled Fastlogin with loginsecurity but the cracked player are able to join the server without authentication it if they just logged off, i can't find any config to disable this on FastLogin or LoginSecurity, i don't know where to find the plugin doing this..
  6. Comment on your issue ticket.
    The plugin already reduced requests when this error occurs.
  7. Im having an Issue, im trying to install it in my Network, i did all the guide of BungeeCord, but i cannot still make it work, i dont stop getting these messages.
    Please help me!
  8. Please post your server log of the Bungee and Spigot server.
  9. Okeym let me ask u something before...
    What is that bungee stats id? the one its on the bongee config.yml "stats" right?

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  10. Where do I find that record and what configuration do I send?
  11. Yes it's that id.
    It's in progress.
  12. Hola, uso Fastlogin con bungeecord y al poner /premium me dice ¨Sending Request...¨, tengo todo hecho se supone, puse mis datos de MySQL pero nada, que podría hacer?
  13. You have different versions of FastLogin installed. For example in Spigot is the outdated FastLogin 1.10.

    Please post your server log
  14. Thats why i installed the FastLoginBungee downloaded from the dev builds, and in spigot i used the one downloaded from the spigot page,
    do i have to use the FastLoginBungee or i can use the FastLogin to Bungee and Spigot?
  15. Now im using the same versions, tell me what now???
    Lobby log:

    Bungee log:
  16. Lo arregle!, simplemente cambie FastLogin Spigot por el FastLoginBukkit y me funciono perfectamente, gracias por responder!
  17. Please take a look yourself. Still the different versions:

    The file name changed between 1.10 and 1.11. Do you maybe forgot delete the old version that was universal for both platforms and hat the name "FastLogin.jar"? You need now only the platform specific versions.
    This is an english forum. Please speak english.
  18. Hi!

    I use Spigot 1.15.2 (I have Authme Relodeaded) and I just want to ask you one thing: if I enable auto-register (changing it from false to true in config.yml), it will work like this:

    1. A user join into the server.
    2. The plugin checks if the user is premium.
    3. If the user is premium --> Doesn't have to even register
    If the user isn't premium --> Must be registered and of course logged in


  19. Please checkout the description above that configuration option. Non-premium player will disconnect during the login process.