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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Philip320, May 8, 2018.

  1. Because i have been using them for a while now i'm going to begin reviewing them.
    FastSRV is actually not that bad, they are providing good support and very cheap servers. The support is active almost all the time and they are very nice and helpful. My experience with purchasing the server at the first was not that good, i did not get email verification and i could not change password on the panel but thats kind of not a big deal for me, as the support (that is great) helped me and i'm 100% sure this is not a common issue anymore. However, if you wish to use the free servers you need to pay $0.01 with your paypal to verify, however this is not a big deal and if you can't they will help you anyways. The server is kind of not that good for me, atleast as i live in Sweden but maybe if your in the US i guess it will be fine. The server is unlimited unlike hosts like However i experienced crashes, however i managed to fix these easy made this not a big deal. Well if you really need a server for free, they are kind of providing it but it is not a replacement for your paid server. That is my experience with their free server, better than as it is unlimited with pterodcatyl but it is not that lag-free and are hosted on Crap-hadware

    However, i purchased a $0.8 server there with 1GB to test it out. The server are hosted on i7 6700k

    Well, i find this server also to be a bit laggy atleat when it is started. But that fixs itself. Still not a good thing but it does not crash like some other budget hosting companies like hmmm PebbleHost...
    As i'm hosting this on a totally clear world as a Hub with around 30 plugins i managed to find the server really good and snappy. There are no slowdowns and the server feels reponsive even with 15+ players online. Is it worth $0.8?, for me kind of. The servers are not bad for $0.8 however they could be a little bit beter, if you pay around $1.2-$1.8 you can get a way better servers, but that is more money aswell. Do i recommend them?
    Kind of, it is a serious company but it is not very high quality on the servers, you are getting a budget server for a budget price which makes sense.

    The panel however in the site is good actually, pterodactyl is a very good panel still however i would love to see multicraft but i still think it is a good panel and there are really no downsides i see with it except it is not allocating all my ram when i do not use it which i think is a considerable upgrade to multicraft, however the hosting can choose to enable it but kind of they don't.

    It does it thing, and it does it totally acceptable. It is a very serious company great support and kind staffs.
    Go and try it out, especially the free servers im pretty sure you get what expect from a free server. If you are planning to go with a Premium server you should really consider something more high-end but if you just want a simple server it does it - and good

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