Spigot FastTravel 1.5.3

This plugin allows you to define fast travel locations that players must discover beforehand.

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    FastTravel - This plugin allows you to define fast travel locations that players must discover before being able

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  2. Hey!
    First, the idea of the plugin is simple but amazing - a must-have Plugin for RP in my opinion :p

    And i have a Feature-Suggestion: It would be pretty cool to have a Title Notification if a new Waypoint is "discovered" - like
    "You have discovered the XX Waypoint!"

    Even better would this be with a configurable message :p

    Best regards,
  3. cow


    first thing that i thought of when i saw this was parkour server, players can teleport to checkpoints in the parkour world, but only if they have gone there "the hard way" first
  4. Hey vk,
    I found a bug where in the menu the fast travel waypoints are all named the same item as the most recent waypoint you've discovered.
    Also, if you try to disable the menu it doesn't disable.

    Still, awesome plugin! :)
  5. This plugin is awesome, but does not work for me, and there are no configurable message :(
    I'll wait for an update :D
  6. This still in development?
    Permissions per waypoint would be nice.

    As would maintaining pitch / yaw etc.
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  7. +1 to this. Title Notification would be an amazing feature.

  8. This plugin still alive in your eyes? ^_^
  9. Yes, why?
  10. Not been any replies from you for a few months :D
  11. ??? what reply? i won't be adding permissions per waypoint at this stage if that's what you're after.
  12. Hm
    That was a quick reply :/ :eek:

    And replies in general.
    Few issues raised, few suggestions and such ^_^
  13. this plugin was developed by someone else and disbanded. and someone asked me to fix it so that it works with 1.8 with original dev's permission. Unless a bug is reported, i do not have a plan to add any new features.
  14. Great plugin, would really like the option to change the font and color used when a warp point is discovered.
  15. Anychance to have it on 1.9?
  16. yes, it works on 1.9. I'm using it on my 1.9 test server.
  17. Hello!

    This is an amazing plugin, thank you!

    I have a small issue - I setup 3 waypoints (Spawn, IronFarm, WitchFarm). The GUI shows me the 3rd waypoint (WitchFarm) 3x when I mouse over the green wool, but jumps to the correct location of each individual waypoint. I added a 4th waypoint (Test), and now the GUI shows 4x the waypoint Test. Can this be fixed?

    Feature suggestion: With the message "Please stay still..." should be a count down (mine is set to 3) like this:

    Please stay still...
  18. Hey there

    So I seem to have discovered a few bugs.

    Firstly, the GUI seems to not remove fast travel locations that I once had and then later decided to remove, it place a red wool in the GUI inventory, thus lots of red wool blocks are now cluttering that pretty GUI screen!

    Secondly, I've noticed that my players aren't being charged an amount to fast travel, they're essentially bypassing it all together.

    Thirdly, linking to the above, it doesn't seem to change the amount it costs to fast travel depending on the distance from it like I have it set up to do in the configs.

    I believe that's all the bugs I've spotted for now, but I will keep you informed if I find any more!

    Thanks for your time :)
  19. Aeternum


    May I modify the plugin if i do not distibute it?
    I want the undiscovered waypoints to not appear in the players /ft menu.
    Am I allowed to do that?