Favorite all time game?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by Dancinq, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Minecraft, although I like rainbow six siege alot too.
  2. toontown rewritten is my favourite game
  3. HuniePop best game too ever exist 10/10
  4. Cal Cu Lat Or is by far the best game to ever exist. Skyrim would be next.
  5. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is the best game out there, don't judge :p
  6. There's something special to me about Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron. <3
  7. my favourite game of all time is minecraft
  8. Chrono Trigger (SNES)

  9. Max Payne 2 and GTA:IV.
  10. Definitely Minecraft, it is unlike any other game, if you don't just play it for the PvP and minigames. It pretty much the only game which can be considered a mean of art. All the other games are just for entertainment. I like CS:GO though. :)
  11. Honestly it used to be minecraft but i mainly play mc now for either dorking around with friends or some pvp/bedwars, i do really like league of legends as of the moment
  12. Eve Online / Minecraft probably
  13. Minecraft on PC, Titanfall 2 and Overwatch on xbox.
  14. Uff, Minecraft is the best game worldwide... so play minecraft ;D
  15. Fort... eh eh i mean Portal 2, Skyrim and Minecraft
  16. Has to be Minecraft. No bugs, very optimized, active dev team!
  17. minecraft has many bugs.. Thats why there are so many patches? Honestly it isn't optimized as it was made in java to be fair,
    Active dev team, meh i guess so
    (Sorry i know thats just your opinion but i just wanted to say so :p)
  18. I was being sarcastic haha
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  19. I'd have to go with GTA San Andreas.
  20. Rust would have to be mine then minecraft
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