Favorite game genre?

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  1. Hello!
    Im wondering what your favorite game genre/genres?
    Like Action, FPS, MMORPG

    I was gonna make a game but i dont have any ideas of what type of game?
    Please comment down below:)
  2. FPS mostly
  3. hmm RPG, Action and maybe a good FPS, but the "big" gamestudios just release stupid shit.
  4. Call of duty and that?
  5. Yep.
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  6. :O why?
  7. Example of RPG games you play?
  8. Fps

  9. Strategy/ Puzzle :p

    Or creative. Something that requires thinking mostly.
  10. Skyrim (I believe I played this game about 1200hours), The Witcher, Assassins Creed (I, II & III (black flag and Unity (the most buyy game that exists) should be sold under an other name)) hmm I hope I don't miss to close a bracket
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    I don't really favour one genre, i'm open minded when it comes to this.
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    I don't really game by genre. I just play two games, lol. Minecraft, obviously, and then Halo, along with my fellow Halo fanboys @Noble Pro and @GoldenWarrior.
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  13. I got Halo 4 on Xbox:)
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    I own Halo: CE Anniversary, the Halo 2 Legendary Edition (original Xbox), Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, Halo: Reach, and there's another one I'm forgetting. My favorites are Halo 3: ODST and Halo Wars.

    I think I'm going to go listen to the ODST soundtrack right now, actually.
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    You must really love Halo, you said that word seven times just in that post. ;) :p
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  17. Noble Pro


    Yes. I actually competed in a Halo 4 LAN tournament on Monday and came second :D Love Halo <3
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    I want to play in a Halo LAN party. D:
  19. RPG(Dark Souls ,Witcher)
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  20. All of them (except those weird Japanese games...).