FeatherBoard and Prefix/Suffix on name

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  1. So I'm using FeatherBoard 4 and loving it. Now I'm trying to recreate my old name formatting code with CommandHelper.

    How I used to do this is that I would place players on a scoreboard and in a team based on their uppermost rank. Each rank had a prefix and suffix grabbed from PEX's permissions yml.

    The differences this time around are that I'm writing this code to work on both a PEX server and a LuckPerms server which uses SQL for storage.

    I am having problems getting all the permission groups on the server from Vault, and because of that I'm having to dynamically register each group as a player signs in with that group. Then I have to update the prefix/suffix for each registered group in each scoreboard for each player online. It's a mess.

    Is there a better way of doing this?
  2. Maximvdw


    So if I understand correctly, the problem you are having is that you can't get all the groups from all your servers using Vault?
  3. That, and I assume I have to push my changes to a scoreboard for every player right? How often do your scoreboards get wiped? Only on startup? Plugin's reload command?
  4. Maximvdw


    Every reload, join and scoreboard switch. But basically just do a check before trying to modify the team
  5. How hard would it be in a future update to make each scoreboard you create inherit data from the main scoreboard when they update? That would allow my code to work a billion times more efficiently, and possibly increase compatibility with plugins that use a similar method.